Charles Bae / Creative / Branding / Marketing

Former Chief Creative Officer / Co-Founder @ Rokkan / Acquired by Publicis
Now a one-person creative agency.

I am a creative, branding and marketing veteran. In 2000, I cofounded Rokkan with two partners. We grew the agency to +80 people with offices in NYC, LA, Chicago, and Singapore. As Chief Creative Officer, I led the creative vision for the agency. I directly oversaw several marquee products & platforms and campaigns for JetBlue, VirginAmerica, Bethesda Softworks, 2K Games, Nintendo, Purina, and The Humane Society of the United States.

In 2013 Rokkan was acquired by Publicis Groupe. I exited the agency in 2016 to work exclusively on video game branding, logo design and key art.​​​​​​​

Current and Former Gaming Clients:
Bethesda  2K Games  / Ubisoft  / Take-Two Interactive / Major League Gaming  /  Nintendo / Paradox Interactive  / Reflector Entertainment / Nacon

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The agency Razorfish is taking credit for work I've done. If they or any of their creatives pitch your brand team and present work from Dishonored or The Evil Within, they are lying to you. They have been falsely using work I created by association only. My former agency, Rokkan was dissolved into Razorfish in 2020.  In doing so they have decided to appropriate some of the work I created into their own folio. Razorfish nor anyone currently at the agency had any part in Dishonored or The Evil Within brand launches. Their creative leadership is presenting the work using information from previous case studies I created.