A few concept drawings for Dishonored 2 marketing key art. The Throne concept was the only one that was created from this set of concepts. It was also the basis for the in-game title screen.
High resolution key art made by Meduzarts. I did the final color grading and retouching.
Original concept was created by Meduzarts. I was the creative director throughout the process and also applied the method to combine the two portraits using a supernatural light effect. I did all of the color grading and final retouching for this piece. This piece was used as the pack art.
Portraits were applied to an environment as tertiary key art.
Concept & Creative Direction: Charles Bae / Meduzarts
High Resolution Art: Meduzarts
Client: Bethesda Softworks
Brand Manager: David Clayman, Paris Nourmohammadi, Carlos Guice
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