Dishonored Death of the Outsider is the final chapter of the current story. It features Billie Lurk as the playable character. Her mission was described as the "ultimate assassination" – to kill The Outsider. Since the final mission takes place in the Void, I wanted to feature this in the main marketing key art. Billie is also framed by a shattered mark of The Outsider, which was my representation of his death and "marking" the end of this storyline. It was also something I wanted to feature in this manner as a symbolic gesture to having designed the original mark and being able to destroy it. A fitting end.
Billie's pose was orchestrated carefully for multiple cropping options. We wanted the flexibility of close portrait crops for banner and display ads, therefore careful positioning of her mechanical hand was important. In the end, we were able to use the same pose for the wide shot and close crop. This version was used as the front of box for packaging, maintaining continuity of all the standalone Dishonored box art I created.
I sketched about 10-12 roughs including variations of layout and character poses. I then created a digital painting as final pre-vis to be used as a visual reference for the final high resolution key art from my friends at Meduzarts.
Concept & Creative Direction: Charles Bae
High Resolution Art: Meduzarts
Client: Bethesda Softworks
Brand Manager: Carlos Guice
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