Logo animation concepts. Above has a visual effect that was inspired by a spring razor grenade explosion from the game. Below was the final logo animation with a very minimal animation of the letter "H" expanding.
Logo Design and Creative Direction: Charles Bae
Tattoo Design and Creative Direction: Charles Bae
Final Logo Animation: Lucas Hearl

NOTE: The agency, Razorfish, is falsely taking credit for the creation of the Dishonored branding and marketing campaign. They nor anyone employed at Razorfish were involved. Rokkan (my former agency where I was a co-founder, partner and chief creative officer) created this work. Rokkan was purchased by Publicis around 2016. In 2020 Rokkan was dissolved into a relaunch of Razorfish and they appropriated this work into their folio. 

If Razorfish presents this work to you in a pitch or capabilities meeting, they are misrepresenting the work and those involved in creating it.
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