I was tasked to devise the campaign creative strategy and marketing platform for the launch of Ubisoft's For Honor. I created a single document outlining brand positioning, brand manifesto and came up with the creative big idea:

Who Will Reign Supreme?

This creative lens stems from our emotional response to Samurai vs Knights vs Vikings. We all have our own "expert" opinions on which legacy would come out on top. The line intentionally amplifies this tension and builds on the enthusiastic debates people have regarding this very topic. When broached with this question we all become historians, scientists, weapons masters, etc.

Why a question?

The very subject is a never ending conversational loop, and this works to our advantage. The game promises to fulfill our fantasies of finally pitting the greatest fighting legacies of all time. Talk  is cheap. It's up to you to play the game and ultimately answer the question for yourself.

In the end, you are the answer.
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